Supporting Parents Helpfinder (Young Minds) 

Times are tough for many people right now. Parents find themselves pulled in many different directions and children may be struggling being in the house for so much longer than usual. 

A mixture of concern about COVID-19, working from home and children at home, along with a possible financial impact make for a stressful household. 

Young minds have created a useful 'Supporting Parent's Helpfinder.' By answering six questions, parents can find out how to support their child's mental health during the pandemic (and beyond). 


How to talk to your children about conflict and war - 8 tips to support and comfort your children



When emotions explode (Young Minds) 

Young Minds have also created a useful poster highlighting ways to give support to children when they have angry feelings or outbursts and may help families start a conversation and talk about each other's feelings. 


Worry Button

Our 'worry button' is for parents / carers who have a concern about their child or themselves. Please click the button below which will take you to our 'contact us' page where you can send an email to school. Alternatively, if the issue is of greater urgency, please call the school to speak directly to a member of our office team.