6 September 2021

Image of Dogs Trust Visit to JP

Today, Rosie from The Dogs Trust, has been in to visit the children and staff here at John Perryn to talk to us all about how to behaviour around dogs. As you know, we are looking forward to welcoming Milo, Lindsey Hill's dog, to the school as our school therapy dog. First, Rosie did a whole school assembly where she talked about how to ensure that we are always safe around dogs and how to behave if a dog approaches us. The children asked lots of brilliant questions and learned lots about how to ensure Milo will be safe and happy at school and how to ensure that we all behave safely around him. The Rosie visited the Year 2 and the Year 1 classes to talk to them in even more detail about caring for a dog and what to do if we feel nervous. When you visit next, you will be able to see posters around the school that will be up to remind us how to behave whenever Milo is around. Rosie will be back tomorrow to work with Years 3 and 4 and then again for the final time on Wednesday to speak to Years 5 and 6. Milo may even come for another visit on Wednesday afternoon so look out for him at home time.

Posted by Leah Wright

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